Outcasts of Erehwon

The outcasts of Erehwon are a loose affiliation of Erehites scattered across Toril. They had been sent to Faerun on similar quests, as a customary “coming of age” journey. Once they complete their quest, they were told, they would be brought back to Erehwon and be able to finally begin their adult lives among their people. All of them were given very similar instructions and identical artifacts to record their adventures.

But as the years passed, some of them gave up their quests and reluctantly chose to stay. Others discovered that their quests were impossible to fulfill, others yet believed that they had indeed finished their task, yet nothing happened and they knew not of a way to get back, for the ability to travel between planes is only given to adults, which they were not (despite the long years they spent on Toril).

Noone is sure who the first Outcast was, when he was sent here, or what his mission was. As far as they know, Erehites have been sent to Faerun on quests since the very beginning of it’s existence. It was a rare mission, one of the rarest, but nontheless, over the centuries, Erehites continued to show up, and none, as far as is known, returned to his/her home plane.

Since their numbers continued to increase, it was inevitable that eventually at some point, meetings between the Erehites would occur. And so it was, as they found each other, and shared their stories, they began to understand their predicament. Slowly, the accidental meetings became more organized, and soon, from two to three to four Erehites desperate for an escape from the loneliness of being away from home, a core formed, and the Outcasts of Erehwon were founded.

While their core is strong, most of the Outcasts view themselves more like a loose group of friends than an actual organization. They are widely scattered across the surface of Faerun and only meet on special occasions or when the circumstances demand it. Most of them have given up on their quests, settled down and are reluctant to leave the comfort of their homes and lives.

In order to bridge the distances, a means of communication was needed so that the Outcasts could stay in touch. Thus – the cards were created.

Outcasts of Erehwon

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