Commoner: Which faith do you follow, priest?
Gulthar: Huh?
(It’s amazing. The whole description of the faith and devotion of Gulthar summed up in a single word)

Commoner: What is he (Gulthar) protecting you from?
Ashio: Fun.

Gulthar: There’s stupid, and there’s what you just said.

Ashio: You’re all a bunch of misanthropes..

Angel: Don’t worry Ashio, we’re with him! (pointing at Gulthar)..

Gulthar: Oh we’re good. It’s just the rest of the city is evil…

Angel: We’re not numb… We’re realistic…

Gulthar: Jergal is not a fellow deity. He’s more like Kelemvor’s sidekick. (Gulthar, I think that you should be thankful fot the divination crisis… If Jergal could hear you, I don’t think the Will o’ Wisps would be the only thing that tried to strike you with lightning…)...

Grippa: Kid, ‘gust of wind’ him if you got it!

Ashio: I can’t interoggate him, I’m 14 year old. Let him do it (points at Angel)!
Gulthar: But he’s catatonic!

Dima: With today’s magic, you can get anywhere!

And, the all time favorite
Angel: Well… It’s complicated.


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