Player Resources

Players, feel free to add to this section (or mail me with suggestions and I’ll review them and add them myself).

Character Creation

  • This page has a loooong list of “traits” that may help you figure out how to act a character out and better define his/her nature. You can pick a select few and focus on them (for example – 3 positive and 3 negative), or just use it as a checklist for what he/she is/isn’t.

How to Be Responsible Players

Questions to ask yourselves to improve our communication:

  1. Have we been communicating properly?
  2. Have I described this clearly enough for the other players/GM to understand?
  3. Am I somehow blocking the continuity of the game by doing what I’m doing?
  4. Are the other players/GM having fun?
  5. Do we need to stop for a moment and clear things up?

Player Resources

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