Session held on THU 08.10.2009:

150xp For getting closer to getting out of spellhold.

100xp for making a bomb
50xp for gathering information
100xp for getting yourself into isolation by burning some corpses and annoying the guards
25xp for talking to angel about your background
25xp RP bonus for interacting with shoeshine
50xp for disguising yourselves as guards
25xp for talking to the actual guard and bluffing your way out
50xp for staying in character and reminding us to do so – its important.
25xp for telling Alkazam there’s a lich in the well. it was funny.

400xp RP bonus for the talk with Gulthar
300xp for character development (both thomas and gulthar related)
50xp for talking to the almost-lich Ivan
100xp rp bonus for talking to the almost-lich Ivan
100xp for sealing off gulthar’s mind
100xp rp bonus for describing sealing off gulthar’s mind
200xp for freeing thomas (plot development)
100xp rp bonus for convincing thomas to come with you

200xp RP bonus for the talk with Angel
100xp for trying so hard during the talk with Angel and staying in character… mostly
300xp for character development
50xp for getting your mind sealed off

Also – correct me if i’m wrong here but… i think a symbolic -50xp to angel and gulthar for not mentioning the quite dead nocks even once! I mean… i know you have other things on your minds… but still – your companion is gone. I’ll bet there are situations when the phrase “if only he were here” is appropriate. so the least you can do is that. As far as i remember all references to nocks were off-play (and most were by me).

Session held on sat 30.8.2009:

200xp for getting yourself arrested and committed into an asylum. It’s about time, don’t you think? =)
150xp for getting into Amn and one step closer to your mission, then getting like 50 steps farther away from it but who’s counting.

50xp For regaining your memories.
100xp For roleplaying regaining your memories (awesomeness!).
150xp For the long needed talk with Gulthar.
25xp For getting kicked for Nocks (switching places. not very effective, but still).
150xp for character development
75xp for gathering information (about your coming to amn being forseen and all).

75xp For the talk with the priest.
25xp For eating an orc.
150xp For the long needed talk with Angel
200xp For character development and making a vow (or so Eddie says)

25xp For making an entrance (of a sorts)
100xp For managing to get Angel and Gulthar to talk
50xp For getting your ass kicked by someone big and ugly for the very first time in this game.
(welcome and may it be the first of many many:)

*Nocks *(In his final hours):
100xp For his final stupid act
200xp For learning of pain
400xp For learning of death
75xp for gathering information (about your coming to amn being forseen and all).
I’ve never given xp post mortem before. haha.
He will be missed.

Session held on sat 11.7.2009:

100xp for answering the creativity challenge
100xp for some awesome mountain climbing and for enjoying the view
75xp for killing 1.5 mountain trolls
25xp for good old zombie chopping fun
50xp party bonus for thinking together of the idea of going to the giants. Nocks said you need more power, gulthar said you should go to the mountain trolls, Angel completed and suggested the giants. Didn’t really know who should get the credit for it so I’m giving it to all of you – for team thinking. Angel did finish the chain of thought though…

100xp for some combat moves with hooks and ropes and daggers and centrifugal force.
50xp coolness factor bonus for retrieving the sword from the falling troll. That was awesome.
25xp for discovering a new ability of Ang.

50xp for using your description in-game
75xp RP bonus for the shouting scene and the apology that followed
100xp for the original way of dealing with Gulthar’s newfound ability.
25xp for finishing the chain of thought.

200xp for character development and RP
25xp for leaving a dude to freeze in his underpants and chainmail(!)
75xp for (almost) single handedly slaying a zombie giant without getting (almost) any gore on your cloak.


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