Tag: Evereska-Council


  • Zarien Ringvine

    Zarien believes he should be the one in the Watcher’s seat. He is zealous, racist and stubborn. He is 890 years old. He believes that he is the only one who still remembers the old elven traditions, that Evereska’s borders should never have been opened in …

  • Cywen of Neverwinter

    The only “official” Harper in Evereska , he serves on the council as the representative of N'Tel'Quess. Recently he has not made any public appearances, because of the tension against humans in the city.

  • Ulan Duirsar

    The current Watcher over the Hills and Erlan’s eldest son, he is new to the job and is considered weak an inexperienced by some. He is only 501 years old. He was always considered a prodigy among his peers, for being so talented a warrior and strategist. …