A rather scruffy ranger, Riddan probably curses his pointy ears and lack of facial hair every morning when he wakes up from his trance. He despises (although perhaps the correct phrasing here is vigorously annoyed by) everything Elven, from the wines and songs to the very language. He was acquainted with Nera in Evereska, and apparently got exiled from it for some less than honourable deeds with some noble’s less than honourable daughter. He spent some years living with his loyal bear in a cabin near Hill’s Edge, acting as the town’s ranger (unenthusiastically), then moved to Baldur’s Gate after meeting the party and lived in their apartment.

Besides making monay from street performances with his tamed bear, Riddan was working for the Harpers doing small tasks. He spent most of his time and money on drink and women, however.

He is talented, though unreliable lazy and selfish. He usually means well.


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