Leader of the smugglers of the Hill of Lost Souls, currently operating in Evereska.


Feisty. Preffers to fight with ranged weapons (Throwing daggers, darts (special magical ones that trick makes for her)) and stealth, but if forced into a corner, fights with a magic double bladed sword called “Halver”.

She also has limited magical abilities, as a sorceress.


Short (1.60), Short messy Silver bluish hair, big green eyes with specs. Daughter of one of the Everaskan elder council members Gervis Imesfore (and so technically a noble).

After the Paerimm attack on Evereska and consequently The Hill of Lost Souls, she chose to stay in Evereska and be more involved in it’s reconstruction. Her last communication with Angel had been during the party’s stay in Baldur’s Gate, where she informed him they cannot remain together because of his involvement with the harpers.

Formerly Angel’s lover.


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