Karo’s son, favored soul of Akadi, used to travel with party. Current Whereabouts: unknown.


Karo’s son, Ashio wipes his father’s ashen footsteps as he walks. Karo thinks his son weak because his mother chose not to follow Kossuth in the end, so he subjects him to various tests of strength and trials by fire. Although he should have attained higher ranks long ago, Ashio is still considered lowest of acolytes. He is quiet and reserved, his eyes are gray and he hardly ever lifts them up from the floor. He is rather slim and considerably shorter than his father (which makes him about 1.83), but his muscles are tight and firm and he never complains about being tired, even if he is. In his frustration, and not being able to seek solace in flame because of his father, Ashio often wandered the tunnels below.

Recently, Ashio was liberated from a life of servitude to fire. The party convinced his father to let him go, though he may never return and is probably disowned. Having nowhere else to go, but wanting to see more of the world, he joined with them. Under the tutelage of Gulthar he discovered his true calling and has changed much.

As a result of the latest developments (or perhaps it was just time), Ashio has left the party to pursue other goals.


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