The last prophet in the land is, against all odds, a 5 year old girl. Current whereabouts: Baldur's Gate, harper HQ.


Born in Hill’s Edge, Enilee was the daughter of the captain of the local guards, who also happened to be the leader of the bandits who accosted the town (and got away with it), a drunk and an abusive father and husband.

Following the party’s intervention, Enilee’s father murdered her mother before getting killed himself, and the party took the responsibility for the girl.

Enilee was taken to Evereska to be adopted by Rendue and be raised in a temple of Selune, but fate intervened once again and Enilee became the unwilling participant in a doppleganger’s plan to destroy Evereska’s mythal. The plan failed, but the consequences for Enilee were extreme. She received a powerful gift of sight, and is now possibly the very last diviner in Faerun.

She is currently under the custody of the Harpers in Baldur’s Gate.



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