Chronicles of the Misfits

Sessions 20-27

Summery of events from Escape from Spellhold up to The Temple of In Between


  • After witnessing Nocks’ horrible death, Angel and Gulthar are incapacitated and taken by ship to Spellhold.
  • During the first month of their imprisonment the two hardly speak, with Angel meditating and Gulthar not knowing how to regain his trust.
  • New developments are set in motion with the arrival of a new inmate -Dima. A rather flambouyant and confident young wizard, who seems determined to break out of Spellhold.
  • After an incident in the courtyard in which Gulthar turned into his undead side and tore apart a half Orc prisoner, Gulthar was taken away for several days, then brought back. This continued every few days.
  • Dima makes contact with both Angel and Gulthar, and made them realized that in order to escape they needed to work together.
  • One night in the courtyard Angel and Gulthar finally try to talk things out. Angel would not listen to Gulthar’s desperate attempts to apologise, and finally Gulthar, unable to control his rage and frustration, severely beat Angel up. After a night long argument, Angel finally agreed to trust Gulthar again, on the condition that at the first sign of Gulthar turning to his old ways, he is to submit himself to Angel for execution.
  • Having resolved their differences (of sorts) Gulthar, Angel and Dima begin to work on a plan of escape.
  • During this time Angel’s conversations with Thomas get more and more frequent.
  • Thomas helps Angel plant a contingency in Gulthar’s mind to help him remember what happens when he is taken.
  • Dima prepares explosives from some herbs in the courtyard.
  • Angel and Dima manage to infiltrate the second circle – where the most dangerous inmates are held.
  • After attempting escape, Dima and Angel find themselves in isolation, where Angel discovers that Thomas is in a cell nearby.
  • Angel convinces Thomas to join them.
  • After breaking out of the third circle, the three, dressed like guards, find Gulthar.
  • The three manage to leave the anti-magic zone, and a final battle against the cowled wizard’s ensues, during which they witness Dima’s power.
  • In the last minute Gulthar stays behind to fight a devil minion of the wizards, and the party is forced to continue without him.


  • Dima, Angel and Thomas arrive at Dima’s apartment in Athkatla via teleport.
  • After some much needed R&R, Dima offers his help in finding and resurrecting Nocks. Angel agrees.
  • The three begin searching for Nocks’ body via various contacts.
  • After breaking into the archives of the Cowled Wizards, Dima finds that the entry containing the location of Nocks’ body has been magically hidden.
  • The party finds the master of the archives and Thomas charms him into revealing the hidden entries. They discover two possible places the Golem can be: Lord Whitestone’s house, or the tower of Famar Whitestone. The party decides to try the tower first.
  • The party does not find the body in the wizard’s tower, but instead helps the wizard fight a Devil, and discovers Famar’s interest in Golems.
  • The party continues to search in Iamar’s mansion. Thomas reveals his true identity as a rich lord from Waterdeep. This helps the party to pose as a delegation escorting Thomas to make a deal with Iamar.
  • While Thomas and Iamar haggle, the party finds Nocks’ body serving as a personal servant to Imar’s handicapped son.
  • The party takes two days to plan the next move, during which Dima finds a way to contact the Shadow Thieves and ask them for help in locating Nocks’ essence, stored in his bracelet. Angel then makes a deal with the shadow thieves and is branded as one who owes them a favour, to be collected at a future time. He is then told of the location of the Bracelet- a secret Cowled Wizards vault, to which it will be taken by ship. The only opportunity to get it would be to intercept the ship at the hidden dock.
  • The party plans and executes a masterful operation to steal Nocks’ body, during which the handicapped boy dies, and Famar is framed for the theft.
  • The party hurriedly leaves the city and heads towards the hidden dock. The ride takes several days, with aid from Dima’s magic horses.

Acquiring the Bracelet

  • The party successfully intercepts the ship, a battle takes place during which the ship is destroyed, the bracelet is recovered and Angel finds his ring on one of the Wizards.
  • During the battle, everyone is temporarily taken to the shadow plane due to a botched teleport spell cast by one of the wizards in an attempt to escape.
  • The party witnesses an entity which they later discover to be Nocks. The entity helps the party in the battle.
  • In the aftermath of the battle, Thomas sees Angel’s ring and is shocked by the fact that he had been able to find one of the stones. He tells Angel about the Outcasts of Erehwon.
  • Having acquired all the necessary parts, Dima proceeds to teleport the party to The Temple of In Between – a place that exists between the plane of shadow and the material plane.

The Temple of In Between

  • The party meets priests that explain the ritual of Nocks’ resurrection.
  • During the ritual, Angel ventures into the shadow plane to speak to Nocks and convinces him to return.
  • As Angel and Nocks return to the material plane, they arrive in the midst of a battle between Dima, the priests and unknown invaders. Dima seems to be taking the side of the attackers.
  • During the battle all the priests are killed, but one of them manages to give Angel a teleport scroll.
  • Nocks kills Dima, and the party teleports out.
  • The party arrives at the very spot where they woke up near Hill’s Edge, several months ago.
  • Nocks discovers that he is finally able to feel, and collapses in tears mixed with hysterical laughter.



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