Chronicles of the Misfits

Session 28

Aftermath and discovery.

Wounded and exhausted from battle, Angel, Nocks and Thomas found themselves in the darkness and quiet of the night forest. Nocks identified the place as the Reaching Woods, just south of Hill’s edge. After a brief rest and some recap of the recent events, it was decided to stay on the move, and the party continued on towards Hill’s Edge.

On the way to town, the party found Riddan’s old cabin and spent the rest of the night in it.

The party arrived at Hill’s Edge near noon, and was greeted by the smell of blood and rotting corpses. Most of the bodies did not belong to the townsfolk (although the few remaining citizens were also dead). There were signs of a battle, but no sign of the attackers.

Having investigated the site, Nocks recognized one of the fallen as a harper agent under Yan’s command.

At this point Nocks stepped into the shadow of a nearby tree, and discovered that while remaining in the shadows, he has the ability to see into the shadow plane, and even reach into it freely. With his newfound double sight, Nocks saw more bodies – this time of the attackers. The second part of his discovery was the feeling of being watched.

Overcome by fear, Nocks panicked and ran. After much convincing, Angel restrained Nocks and Thomas entered his mind, in order to help and teach him to deal with his fears. With Thomas’ help, Nocks reached into the shadow plane and unmasked one of the attackers. he was of the race as the strange priests and the betrayers they had just fought the other night.

Realizing that the location was unsafe, the party returned to Riddan’s cabin, and discussed their next move. Their decision was to contact Yan Galaway and tell him of his lost men. At the mention of Yan’s name, Thomas’ face lit up with recognition, and he proceeded to tell that he had known Yan as a child in Waterdeep, as well as his father. Thomas then contacted Yan via telepathy.

The party decided that the only thing to do was to continue on their mission and find the fastest way back to Amn. They travelled on foot to Scornubel, resupplied and continued on a barge to Berdusk.



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