Chronicles of the Misfits

Adventure continues

Everything that has happened so far in one juicy bundle.

After the events in Tharsult, the three decided to continue adventuring together (for some obscure reason. Must have been lonely… I suppose one could say “it’s complicated”). Rendue chose to remain in Urbeth with Sellion as her significant other. She started a temple of Selune and was quite successful.

Two years later the party was contacted by Sellion, who had an urgent message from Rendue. After drying his cloak he proceeded to tell the party of Rendue’s unnerving discovery: all divination magic has stopped working everywhere in Faerun, as far as she knows. Sellion then told them of an artifact that could help reveal the problem’s source, if not solve it. The party’s mission was to escort Sellion to get this artifact (an ornate box with no way to open it) and take it to everska.

After getting the box the party was attacked by strage creatures led by a man whom they could not clearly see. Sellion died in the fight.

The party woke up in a forest near Hill’s Edge, after what soon bacame clear was quite some time. The box was nowhere to be found. In the search for the box, the party met Riddan – the local elven ranger (who hates elves, by the way), as well as Enilee – a little girl who seemed to have connected with Nocks. They found the box and retrieved it from the local museum. During their stay in the city they also managed to defeat a local gang of bandits, led by Enilee’s father, who managed to kill his own wife before being killed himself. Seeing as the girl remained an orphan, the party took her with them.

Before leaving for Baldur’s Gate, where the party rented him an apartment, Riddan gave the party a letter and directed them to the hill of lost souls, saying he knows someone who can help them get into Evereska.

The party traveled to the hill of lost souls with Enilee. The hill was occupied by smugglers living in tunnels inside the hill and a temple to Kossuth on top of it. On arrival the party was taken to see Nera, leader of the smugglers. They showed her Riddan’s letter and she agreed to be of assistance… For a price.

As the smugglers were mostly smuggling illegal alcoholic beverages into Evereska, and the next journey was only a month from the party’s date of arrival, Nera asked for either enough gold to pay for an extra voyage (which the party did not posess), or Kossuth’s Firewine, which was to be stolen from the temple above.

The smuggler’s camp was actually a part of ancient tunnels running under the hill which had been used as escape tunnels during the battle of the bones. The ghosts were still not at rest, especially now that the Kossuth priests were digging deeper into the hill. A nameless Spirit asked the PCs to kill the one who wipes the ashes, so that Karo would stop tormenting the spirits.

The party soon met Ashio , Karo’s son, and decided (though Angel disagreed) to free him from his father’s dictatorship.

After a thorouly planned infiltration into the Kossuth temple and the death and quite possible torture of at least one priest, the party was captured and brought before Karo, the head of the temple. They had to undergo trials by fire, after which each was scarred in a different way (Angel in his hands, Gulthar in his face, and Nocks – in ways unseen under his halfling disguise). They met old Soot, the temple’s oracle, and confronted him about the divination crisis, to which he, of course, would not admit. The party then asked Karo to free his son, and reluctantly he agreed.

When the party returned to the smuggler’s camp, they were informed that a phaerimm strike force had been closing in on the camp, probably attracted to the magic of the box. The party was forced to help in the battle, being the ones responsible for bringing the phaerimm. During the battle the smugglers suffered heavy losses, despite the help from the spirits under the hill and the kossuthian priests (in the heat of battle Ashio got closure as he fought side by side with his father, in a way). The battle had been won, but at a heavy cost. Fearing that the phaerimm would call reinforcements, the smugglers left their camp and set off for a long journey underground to evereska. The party joined them.

After a long journey, the refugees arrived at a cavern in with a secret entrance into The Vale of Evereska.

Evereska itself was recovering from a Phaerimm attack, which took place six months previously. The Watcher Over The Hills, Erlan Duirsar was slain in that attack, while leading an army, and for the first time, the title of Watcher did not pass on to the oldest elf in the vale, but to his young but gifted son Ulan Duirsar. Such an extreme measure was a means of emergency during times of war, since Ulan was a strategist and a millitary commander, while the elder Zarien, greatly dismayed by this decision, a mage and a politician. In the aftermath of the attack, the weakened Evereska became very suspicious of outsiders (specifically non-elves). In addition, the Phaerimm had damaged the Mythal, which was now causing spells to falter and a thin mist to stretch over the vale.

to be continued



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